The X10DR® ("Extender") is revolutionary patented secure wireless microphone that liberates the way you communicate with your mobile two way radio. Finally, you can cut the cord from the vehicle mobile radio and stay in communication up to hundreds of metres from the vehicle. The X10DR® takes the power, range and stability of a mobile two way radio, right into the palm of your hand or sitting comfortably on your shoulder. The X10DR® enables team members to communicate back to base and amongst other team members onsite, via the vehicle mounted mobile radio. The X10DR® is durable, lightweight, affordable and intuitive to use. Finally, mobile two way radio users can stay in communication out of the vehicle with ease, comfort and security.


  • Talk in or out of vehicle
  • 60-300m range
  • Back to base and team communication
  • Secure encrypted communication
  • Easy to use, intuitive design
  • Minimal user training required
  • Lightweight and rugged
  • Smart accessories
  • All day battery operation

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